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One-Of-A-Kind Basement Flooring In Greensboro: An Easy To Care For Alternative to Epoxy Floor Coating

Basement epoxy flooring

When you want an easy to clean, durable, and beautiful basement flooring solution in Greensboro, the smart move to make is to call Floor Shield of The Triad. Our high-quality concrete coatings are perfect for homeowners who are looking for a beautiful, more functional alternative to traditional basement flooring. Our flooring isn't just attractive, it's also designed to handle the traffic or potential for water intrusion that is inevitable in your basement space. While epoxy flooring claims to be waterproof but is often penetrated by moisture soon after application, our polyaspartic coatings completely lock out water to create a flooring option that everyone in the family will appreciate. The Greensboro concrete coatings we provide keep your floors slip-resistant and, due to their waterproof qualities, free of mildew and mold. To speak with one of our pros and learn more about the basement flooring we provide homeowners in Greensboro, give us a call.

Decorative & Unique Basement Floor Coatings

The products we offer at Floor Shield of The Triad surely provide durability and strength to your basement flooring, but they also bring unmatched beauty and style, too. We know having an attractive basement is almost as important as having a functional one, which is why we love to provide our Greensboro customers with a range of colors, styles, and textures when it comes to our concrete coatings. The possibilities are endless between our flake, quartz, solid, and clear flooring systems, so whether you want to match your floors to your basement needs. Whether you want to use your basement for a kid's play area, storage, a man cave, or anything in between, we've got you covered! Call us today to talk with our team about the vision you have for your basement flooring.

Quick Application & Dry Times Compared To Epoxy

If you're actively using your basement, you don't want to have to store your belongings throughout the rest of your property for very long. With most other floor coatings like epoxy, installation and dry time can add up to days, meaning your basement will be unusable for a while. This is definitely not the case with concrete coatings from Floor Shield of The Triad. When you choose us to install your polyaspartic floor coatings, your basement will be ready for use again in as little as a few hours. No need to worry about dangerous fumes or unpleasant smells either. Our coatings are non-toxic and odor-free, so everyone can use the basement again once we're done.

Our coatings will fit whatever basement flooring needs you've got in your Greensboro home. Our concrete coatings will give you a solid floor beneath your feet, so call on Floor Shield of The Triad for all of your residential floor coating needs, including outdoor flooring.

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