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Safer Than Epoxy Kitchen Flooring: Floor Shield Commercial Kitchen Flooring In Greensboro

Commercial kitchen epoxy flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring in your Greensboro restaurant, cafe, or bar has to be durable and slip-resistant with quick clean-up times. You'll get these qualities and much more when you get concrete coatings from the team at Floor Shield of The Triad. A facility's kitchen floor directly impacts how well it runs, and our concrete coatings will create a sanitary kitchen environment that meets safety guidelines and promotes productivity. Our polyaspartic commercial kitchen flooring contains non-slip additives that ensure your employees have a safe space to move and work. These coatings can also be installed right on top of your existing flooring so you don't have to worry about replacing anything. Because installation is quick, easy, and odor-free, as soon as your concrete coatings are cured, your kitchen can swing right back into action without discomfort or unpleasant smells.

Call Floor Shield of The Triad when you could use Greensboro concrete coatings that will improve your commercial kitchen workspace in various ways. Our products are three times stronger than conventional epoxy floor coatings, offering high-quality, damage-resistant flooring in a variety of colors that anyone will love. Our skilled team is ready to provide your commercial kitchen flooring with a coating that will last for years to come, so call us today! Be sure to ask about our showroom floor coatings as well- we serve businesses of all kinds here in Greensboro.

Stronger & Safer Than Epoxy Kitchen Flooring

If you're searching for a commercial kitchen flooring option that will give your kitchen durable, attractive floors, turn to Floor Shield of The Triad for concrete coatings. Many people are familiar with epoxy flooring in commercial kitchens, but we're here to tell you that our products outshine epoxy by a longshot. The polyaspartic coatings we offer Greensboro harden five times faster than epoxy coatings, making it way easier to get back to work after the cure time is up. Floor Shield products are also scratch-, abrasion-, and scuff-resistant, meaning you never have to repair them and trip and fall incidents will be eliminated.

Kitchen floors with concrete coatings become a smooth, crack-free surface with no seams or grout lines that food particles or bacteria can seep into and multiply. This creates a much cleaner space that won't stain if food spills occur. If the floors do become dirty, Floor Shield products are easy to clean with a wet mop. Keeping a clean kitchen will be easy when you choose our concrete coatings for your commercial floors!