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Floor Coatings For Food Processing Facilities In Greensboro: An Easy To Clean Alternative To Epoxy Flooring

Food processing epoxy flooring

When it comes to floor coatings for food processing facilities in Greensboro, you want a product that is durable, non-slip, and perhaps most importantly, easy to keep clean. When you work with Floor Shield of The Triad for concrete coatings, you're sure to get all of those qualities and more for your food processing facility. Our polyaspartic coatings will give your facility a seamless, monolithic flooring surface that won't hold onto moisture or bacteria, promoting a safe and healthy environment that is vital for meeting codes and guidelines. In addition to this, our products are resistant to all kinds of damage, such as chips, cracks, abrasions, and stains and fading, too. Your floors will look beautiful and serve you perfectly for years to come when they're coated with our Greensboro concrete coatings.

Easier To Maintain Alternative To Epoxy Flooring

It might shock you to hear that of the five million slip-and-fall injuries that occur in the workplace yearly, over half of them happen in manufacturing facilities. That's hundreds of thousands of injuries happening in food processing facilities just like yours! Keeping your employees safe needs to be at the top of your priority list, and when you use our Floor Shield products as floor coatings for food processing facilities, you'll be one step closer to actualizing that goal.

Having a non-slip, easy-to-clean floor coating for food processing facilities is essential when you want to maintain happy, healthy employees and a safe, functional workplace. Floor Shield of The Triad's concrete coatings will give you an affordable way to transform, protect, and beautify your facility's floors while also making sure it stays sanitary. Your business, whether it's a simple bakery or a vast assembly line, is processing food that thousands of people will consume- cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.

Don't choose epoxy flooring when you're looking for a solution to your flooring woes. Call on Floor Shield of The Triad for top-quality polyaspartic coatings. These products are perfect for business and residential spaces of all types, from gym floor coatings to bathroom coatings and everything in between. Our concrete coatings specialists will provide the best installation services in Greensboro, so don't hesitate to reach out to us today.