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Floor Shield Kennel Floor Coating Is Greensboro's Alternative To Epoxy Flooring For Kennels

Kennel epoxy flooring

Animal shelters in Greensboro need kennel floor coatings that will last, and they can get them from Floor Shield of The Triad. Anywhere animals are kept and cared for is bound to get messy, which is why we're proud to provide floor coatings to businesses that want safe, protected, and sparkling clean floors. Our concrete coatings in Greensboro will provide those things and more.

Installing our kennel floor coatings takes less than a day, and because it is free of unpleasant odors and VOCs, business as normal can resume once our crew is out of the way. Floor Shield concrete coatings provide a smooth, seamless floor that eliminates cracks and grouts where dirt and bacteria could get stuck. This also makes the floors easier to clean. Between pet excrement, mud, food spills, and more, nothing will stain or stick to the surface. With anti-slip coatings, everyone from your employees to pets won't have to worry about slips or falls. The best part might be that our team doesn't have to remove your old flooring to apply our concrete coatings- they can go right on top of your existing floors, lessening application times even more.

Call Floor Shield of The Triad to enjoy all of those benefits and more for your vet clinic, shelter, or kennel in Greensboro. We've got years of experience under our belts and we're certain you'll love the kennel floor coatings we provide you with!

Dog Area Epoxy Flooring Alternative

Business owners have chosen epoxy coatings for their floors for some time, for everything from garage flooring to warehouses and more. But you'll see just how much better our concrete coatings are compared to epoxy when you work with Floor Shield of The Triad for your kennel floor coating.

Epoxy flooring offers many of the same benefits as Floor Shield concrete coatings which is why many people think they are equals. This is not true! Our polyaspartic coatings are three times stronger than epoxy and are much more resistant to things like chemical spills, stains, UV rays, claw scratches, and more. Application and dry times are much quicker than epoxy so you don't have to close your business early to wait for the floors to dry. The non-slip nature of our concrete coatings is the real winter, providing safety for your employees, animals, and their humans.