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Showroom Floor Coating By Floor Shield of The Triad: More Durable Than Traditional Showroom Epoxy Flooring

Showroom epoxy flooring

Your showroom floor is almost as important to your Greensboro business as your products themselves, which is why it's vital to choose showroom floor coatings will that offer both style and functionality. Floor Shield of The Triad is proud to be the company providing businesses with durable, low-maintenance concrete coatings that also look great.

Our polyaspartic coatings will protect and restore your existing showroom floors, strengthening them against heavy foot traffic, impact, and even stains and damage. They will stay looking brand new for years to come without fading, yellowing, or scratching so you can always love the way they look and feel. You can also save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs when you get concrete coatings in Greensboro for your showroom floors. Forget about waxing and polishing- our concrete coatings retain their natural shine with a simple sweep and mop every now and then.

More Durable Than Showroom Epoxy Flooring

Concrete coatings from Floor Shield of The Triad are superior to traditional epoxy floor coatings in a multitude of ways. Epoxy is becoming less and less relevant as showroom floor coatings like ours are developed. The innovative polyaspartic coatings we offer are three times stronger than epoxy and are resistant to damage of all kinds, including scratches, cracks, and stains from acid and grease. You won't have to worry about replacing your old flooring with our products- they adhere right on top of your existing floors to give you a brand new look and feel without the invasive work and cost. And, because they are free of foul odors and VOCs, you won't have to shut down your showroom for installation; you can get right back to work on the same day.

If you'd like to enjoy these benefits and more for your showroom, don't hesitate to call Floor Shield of The Triad in Greensboro. Our polyaspartic coatings are perfect for use in all kinds of commercial applications, including gym floor coatings, locker rooms, residential bathrooms, and more! You are sure to love the results you get from working with the area's number one provider of Floor Shield products.