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Commercial Floor Coatings That Are Perfect For Your Greensboro Business Flooring

If you want high-quality commercial floor coatings in Greensboro, it's smart to work with an experienced, skilled local team. Durable, attractive, slip-resistant, and long-lasting are all qualities you want in your commercial floors, and you can get those things and more with concrete coatings from Floor Shield of The Triad. We'll give you Greensboro concrete coatings that can stand up to all of the wear and tear your floors go through on a daily basis, from endless foot traffic to constant heavy impact. Give us a call and let's discuss how you can personalize your concrete coatings with our quartz, flake, and color systems to bring extra style to your business floors.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Having easy to clean and slip-resistant commercial kitchen flooring is key to promoting a safe work environment for your employees. Our concrete coatings will offer these qualities and more to your commercial kitchen space.

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Kennel Floor Coating

You'll see just how strong our concrete coatings are when they're used in a dog kennel environment. Most other flooring products would become scratched and faded after just a few weeks in a kennel, but not our polyaspartic coatings!

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Floor Coatings For Locker Rooms

Concrete coatings from Floor Shield of The Triad will give your locker room floors exactly what they need to withstand heavy foot traffic as well as stay safe for patrons. Your floors will be slip-resistant as well as bright and clean.

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Business Floor Coatings

Having a functional and attractive business floor will promote success alongside high aesthetic appeal. Because our concrete coatings are so easy to maintain, you'll have more funds to put towards your business itself than cleaning fees.

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Showroom Floor Coating

Having an attractive showroom floor will only enhance the beauty of the products that are being shown on them. Invest in concrete coatings from Floor Shield of The Triad and see just how amazing your floors will look!

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Warehouse Floor Coating

Keeping the employees in your warehouse safe should be one of your top priorities. With our concrete coatings, your floors will be waterproof, slip-resistant, and strong enough to keep everyone working safely.

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Floor Coatings For Food Processing Facilities

Concrete coatings from Floor Shield of The Triad create a sanitary, long-lasting space for food processing employees to do their jobs safely and efficiently. With easy clean-up and stain-resistance, our products are perfect for spaces where food is handled.

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Gym Floor Coating

Gym floor coatings that provide a safe, easy-to-clean surface to walk on will make your entire facility stronger as well as more attractive. You gym patrons are sure to love the strength and durability of Floor Shield concrete coatings.

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